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Also can someone help me how to unlock gallery, I have no idea how to get the gallery for the girls

click on misty in the credits scene


So i did the 0.73 download and nobody is moving at all. The only thing i ever have to do is turn off the camera. Any tips?

Clear save. You need to start new one

I really like the game so far. If I may though it does feel a bit too easy.

I think what could help with that would be changing the 3 checks that randomly go down into a bit more of a short and simple mini game. what comes to mind for an example is among us's wire mini game (and the functionality of said mini games can be slightly randomized).

Also it needs a bit more sense of urgency. I feel like I can sit around and not have to check anything most of the nights. So what I think could work would be making a 4th check or issue that forces you to go into the cameras to complete something (or else something bad happens) and then making one of the girls AI get more aggressive the longer you use the cameras.

Thanks so far for the game it looks really good since the 0.4.1 version.

Two questions 1 how to get the nile videos and 2 and I did the thing about breaking the orange lights but they don't give me the video. please help

when i try to open the game it says it isn't compatible with windows 11


I love it whenever this game gets a new update!

New update experimental


1) Maddy (very rarely she can add a pie from another mode)

2) More logical movement of AI (But sometimes everything can immediately appear near the door). If they are standing near the door, then they are preparing to attack.

3) New map for Halloween.

removed for the time being

1) Nightclub

2) Misty (never attacked in 12 nights)

3) Some cassettes (although they can be viewed in the game files)


1) Sometimes after accepting or refusing a pie, the game may crash

2) Bots can sometimes stand near the door all night

3) One time Nil used misty attacks.

Update 3/10

Very weak update. But I hope that when it goes from experimental to normal

So after playing both the old and new version I wanted to give my feedback of the game as a whole.  The TLDR is that it's far too reactive and boring.

In both the old version of the game and the new you can go the entire night without looking at the camera except when absolutely necessary.  I went the full 12 nights in the new version only going into the cameras to fix anything that broke, to shut Manny's door, or to recover my stuff animal.  These are all things that you just sit and wait to happen and react to which personally is kind of boring.  Thanks to the audio queues you never have to watch the cameras to make sure nothing is broken/Manny's door is open.  You can if you want but you don't really get anything for doing so.  In addition since the girls always come to the windows first before there is a risk of them entering you never have to be concerned about taking your eyes off the hallways because you'll always have a buffer period to back out of whatever you're doing and close the doors.  I never feel like I'm at risk of doing anything because of this.  If I see any of the girls standing the hallway?  Who cares, they won't do anything without first coming to the window.

All that is to say that the game allows far to much reactive play that it becomes the player sitting in the office just waiting for something to happen as opposed to requiring the player to stay on top of things so the night doesn't spiral out of control.

The other issue that I can't tell if it's intentional or a bug is that a some of the minigames seem to not overlap/remove the girls from the windows.  Niles hypnosis, Poppi's jack in the box, and Manny showing up all seem to remove the girls from the window preventing any kind of spiraling difficulty.  For example; if there are girls at both windows and two different systems are broken having Manny show up is a blessing because it seemingly removes the girls from the window effectively bailing me out.

All in all in seems like the game is missing a core mechanic that requires the player to be proactive with all of the mechanics that are already in the game serving as roadblocks/speed bumps meant to impede the player from accomplishing the core mechanic.  It sounds like from a previous reply this may be what Ari is going to server as which I hope so.  Personally I think the Nightclub version was the direction that the game should go, a proactive element (actively keeping an eye on each generator to ensure Sammy doesn't break them) with reactive elements meant to impede this task (Niles/Maddie showing up, the color of the lights needing to be swapped, needing to periodically check a different system to prevent the gem from being stolen).

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Accepting or declining the pie delivery breaks the game.  I'd also like to see more poses or actions/interactions with the girls on the cams, is there any plans for this in the future?

I'd also like to point out that whether you win or lose at Nile's wake up minigame, the girls' positions reset.  Idk if this was intended or not, but it feels weird when I fail the minigame and the threats just kind of reset itself.

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I'm at night 24 and that shark girl is sweating her ass off to get to me holy shit I get SBMM vibes

are there new scenes in the update?

Some comments on the new build:

-The girls now move in a logical way instead of teleporting randomly, so that's nice.

-Difficulty scales up too slowly.  It takes until around night 9 before all the mechanics are even active.  Playing from night 1 to 12 gave me enough tickets to buy 1 single item from the shop, because barely anything happens for the first 7-8 nights.

-On the last couple nights the girls take WAY too long to leave.  Night 12 is basically squeezing the toy for 5 minutes straight.

-The mini-games still frequently to break the controls preventing you from returning to the office from the camera view.

Gotcha, likely the difficulty will have to be based around ARI, I worry about buffing the current characters too much ATM due to how decisive her mechanics are going to be. 

How can I copy my old save from the 0.72 version to the 0.73?

Becouse of the new night cap, you will be unable to carry it over. Unless you want very quiet nights.

Damn, that's sad, but what's this "night cap"?

it's 12 right now. Once the game gets further along I think it will be 21 by the time the game is finished.

yo what? i made it to night 26? do you mean that as difficulty cap? that or my game bugged

it's part of update 0.7.3 that cap the nights at 12. Reasoning for that is that the devs wanted it to end at night 21 become of the moon cycle. If you are on the most current update and gotten past the cap, it's because the file from the previous update wasn't manually deleted and carried though. It's fine until you get too far, make the game a bit buggy. If you have any questions you could ask the devs on there discord.

Hi, if I buy the game on itch do i get a steam key when its released on Steam?

I think not. The principle is the same as when buying a game in one of the stores, be it Steam or Epic Games Store. You only have a key to one store. On the other, buy separately. But that's just my guess

The same goes for the game site.

And I can’t buy it for the lack of support for Russian cards.

Do you have a site that i can sell on?

Hello game developer. You can make a game on boosty. I just don't have the ability to pay for the game on Patrion. I like your game for a long time but I can't buy it even for the restrictions in my city.

Boosty allows lewd games?

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Here are some examples

Night Shift at Fazclaire's Nightclub

Fap Nights At Frenni's NightClub


awww, no Halloween update :(


That's what I was hoping for too lol. I bet this whole AI rework is taking some effort. Based on how good the lighting rework was, I bet the next update will be great when it gets here!

It is from what i heard. Luckily they released the new update the first of the month.





I can smell your calcium from here


I want tutorial NIGHTCLUB

took me a while to figure it out, just match the color switches to the ones on misty's show. hit the sonar button on your left to find where cassidy is and rotate the doors to keep her away from the diamond. cycle through the hallway and roof cameras until you find sammy and hit the alarm to stop her from sabotaging. pet nile if she shows up, and maddie and poppie can be ignored

I will wait for new opponents. And I want to see how they will catch me. I really hope for the stage with Maddie and Ahri. And i will hope his scenes is nice.

Why cant I buy the game it just opens

That is interesting, what sort of browser do you use?

this was using the app and I use Chrome I tried a different browser too

How to get gems?

On the shop menu, you can trade in tickets for gems. 

Yeah i dont know why but gamma wasnt showing up and gems wernt spawning in.


btw i do think a possible reward of free roam for making so sort of achievement in game could be cool to admire the map and girls without the chaos, like completing 200 nights or spending 69 gems or something. i dont know, i want to see the cute sleeping shark face.

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Edit: Nevermind figured out I had on lights out, thought it meant a chance for the power to go my bad. I would like some tips for the Nightclub it's MUCH harder than the normal map and there's SO MUCH going on at once I'm not sure how to handle it. So far I haven't even completed a single attempt. Thanks in advance.

Yeah i cant figure out how to stop poppi

The AI is getting completely reworked so likely this will all be adjusted. 

does anyone here know when the steam version is being released?

I was planning on spring of next year at the earliest.

oh okayyy, thank you!

Any other Arch users here able to give me a quick assist? Unable to launch the game.

When attempting to run the script, this is the output:

"4.27.2-18319896+++UE4+Release-4.27 522 0

Disabling core dumps.

Looking for binary: ../../../InHeat/Config/BinaryConfig.ini"
If this isn't the right place for this please let me know.


So I bought the game but if the preview is at 0.6f the main 0.5 but the public is at 0.7.22 then what all did i buy?

Use 0.72 I keep legacy builds up for fans

Is there a guide on what your meant to do and how to progress? I just tried playing for the first time and have NO idea what I am supposed to do on a shift. Like what do i do when they're at the windows or something? I just need some direction about how the game works please?

Granted we have an AI rebuild with the next update.
For the main room, keep your sanity in check by squeezing the toy on your desk, and check security cameras for broken machines (will shine a blinding red light). when a monster comes up to your door, just simply use the door button to keep them outside. These are the basics. 

For the nightclub, Poppi does nothing outside of being a status bar. Sammy however will be seeking out generators to blow them up, with each generator blown up Poppi gets closer to her goal (game over). You also need to pay attention to the nightclubs current lighting, and make sure your console is the same color.
Lastly, Kass will be attempting to reach a vault of gems. You can keep track of that with the laptop to your left, just give it a press every now and then. 

With the AI remake complete for the first level, the next on our list is fixing up the nightclub.


For those who are having the same issue as me (when you open ANY of the tapes, you just get a black screen with no video playing, and a constant noise), assuming you're running an nvidia GPU, go into your control panel, click "Manage 3D Settings" and change your Vertical Sync from "Fast" to "Use the 3D Application Settings". This fixed it for me, and may do the same for you.

Thank u I was wondering why that was happening

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Yea i checked and it was already on use the 3D application settings. What more dont wonna let me see tapes? Or just can you show me your settings here my discord DRAGO83#1805

Thank you thank you, ill spread this around

for some reason I cant buy the game I select buy and it just takes me to the home scree



idk what i had but i had allot and i opened the demo and it decided to take all of my stuff away is it possible to update it so it wont connect to the demo on steam

Yes, but the demos ATM are very very behind. When we are done with the AI system rebuild we will likely have a new demo out.



is there a way to get it for free? sorry for writing it here is that I'm kind of poor so I don't have much money. I'm from Argentina and I'm writing on an ACER from between 2005 and 2001 I think because it's not even mine they gave it to me yesterday


Sounds like porns the least of your problems, these people make games so they can make money.

Deleted 91 days ago

I would be honestly worried this wouldn't play on an acer laptop from those years. In Heat is very much in development.


The only thing I would ask about is a coherent control system + maybe keyboard controls
A and D to close doors for example, S to open/close tablet, W look up, Space to accept whatever is written on the screen.
Would make game way more enjoyable (IMO)

Right click is kinda a back button. At least when you are in cams and stuff

Most likely these will be added.


How do i download the 3D Modles so I can make beautiful animations?


I think you should ask them for the models, since you should get their permission first.


the game is cool! (waiting for Russian localization) <3

Thank you, we have a team for it. Expect it on steam release probably!

I just got through 71 nights and im not getting new tapes or anything. And what are the lights for? good game though.


go to the credits and click the dolls. it worked for me


I am very confused on how to progress in this game. Sometimes when I get all the tapes it doesn't give a new scene? Also I'm 17 nights in, I thought there was a night club level at some point but I have absolutely no idea how to get to it. Some hints or introduction to a progression system would help.

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if you are confuse about the getting new tapes, try going into gallery and clicking on the unlock board. it should have hints to unlock new tapes and such. the lights one is bug unfortunately

tying to unlock everything on the board, the one that mentions dangling lights doesn't seem to lead anywhere, ive smashed all orange lights and nothing happens

Its a bug rn, but they are aware of the issue

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