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I've seen trailers to this game everywhere and I'm really excited when it comes to steam!

I am really excited as well!

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very interesting, but I've got some questions before I pull the trigger: 

  1. do scenes proceed automatically/is there an option to advance scenes manually? 
  2. does dying to a character reliably always trigger an nsfw scene, or are there jumpscares too?
  3. in the same vein, do you have to start the game from a main menu after a death or is there a way to just have it keep showing more scenes forever with some kind of "godmode"? (If this is basically how the gallery works, does the gallery let you queue/randomize scenes, or do you have to choose them manually?)
  4. how many scenes are there currently? How many are planned?
  5. are there any scenes where the animatronics penetrate the player rather than just the other way around? If not, any plans to add them?

even if this doesn't align with my particular tastes, I'm going to be keeping an eye on this one. The models and character design are already *chefs kiss*

also I'd just like to echo other people's requests for a more effective tutorial haha. When I started the demo I didn't have audio until I tabbed out and back in, so I missed the entire phone interaction, which I assume had some instruction in it. Now I've got a hot bunny lady breathing steam on a window but the doors won't close when I press the buttons, they just beep. But she's taking an awfully long time to come in and get me, too. 

Thank you for playing. and I also appreciate the feedback

1. We plan on having the player pull the trigger with the scenes. So manual. 

2. We are planning on this. Long scenes/the goods, will be featured when you win nights. Quick Violation loops will occur when the player loses a night. (or you get a minigame).

3. The gallery will work like any other H-game gallery. Pick a scene and enjoy. Due to the way our game is set up. a godmode would result in no sex.

4. 2.5 ATM 36+ planned.

5.You mean like... futanari or femboys? My my, we have quite the kinky one here. I presume there might be a way to satisfy that desire of yours, but it will be at a later update.~

6. Tutorials have been a thing that not only hentai games suck at doing, but also horror games. Nevertheless I have been watching a lot of GDC's to get data on what would be an effective tutorial design would be for us. Hopefully it works out. Be careful around those bunnies, I heard they fuck for days. 

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will the game be on steam?



People here asking if the game will be free are probably not old enough to even view this game in the first place, if you can't spare 10$ I don't know what to tell ya, your priorities need to be re-evaluated.

To the dev team, I think you've got an interesting project on your hands, I already bought the game and will be looking forward to future updates, hopefully the animations won't just end the way they end now and we actually get a full scene with a nice ending if you know what I mean before being sent to the start screen, this is an H-game after all.

Good luck!


im playing the demo but i cant hear anything

had the same issue. Tabbed out to leave a comment, tabbed back in, and the audio was there. Seems like a bug?


Will there be an andriod version?


Did you guys really put Markiplier in this game? When i look at the art it just pops up in my head, this "WAS THAT THE BITE (I guess now it is FUCK) OF 87?!" It's goddamn hilarious)


this game looks great its sad that it won't be free but maybe someday i might get it but its really well done for a porn fnaf fan game 


So just curious, will this some day be free in the future or no?


We do not plan on making this game free.

Ahh alrighty then, ill just wait for teh full version to come out before me buys x3

So when an update for this comes out how do I apply the update to it, will we get an email, will it be here, I don't think it gets updated automatically without us doing anything, right?
Also not really sure how the vent system above you works
Lastly, sometimes the box with the switches in the Test Room doesn't open to let me fix it when it was red sometimes.
Thank you for your time! Looking forward to future content :)


If youre downloading from the website, you just redownload it and it should generally pull your saves from previous versions, saves are stored elsewhere so theyre safe.

If youre on the itch app, I THINK it will allow you to just update, though I dont use the app. Hope this helped!

Thank you expungeduser! 
Yes it should pull when you start up the game with a redownload. Unless it was the demo update we did recently. That game however doesn't have a lewd gallery. 

Yes, We actually might be redoing the whole minigame system to work based off of Nile or Poppy. We originally wanted to make a ghost-like girl who would mess with the museums systems. but instead put that on the backburner for now.  

While the vent exists, you shouldn't worry about it. The vent will not hurt you.

Cool! Thanks for the quick and informative response, it's greatly appreciated! And sorry I should've prefaced the previous question by referring to the purchased NSFW version and not the Demo, another question I had was will we need to purchase this on steam also when it comes out or will those of us who purchased it here already? One last thought, do the current bunny girls all have the same "LOSE" animation, or am I unlucky and just losing to the same bunny girl and only getting that one scene?

As of right now. Poppi is taking place of another character. so you are very likely to get hit by them. This should change  as we develop more and more.

And thank you!

so far its been pretty good, kinda like fnaf but its not finished yet so ik there will be more to come, its really good about 9/10 i guess the only problems were a few bugs(such as 2 dolls getting stacked on each other near the office window) and the fact that i couldnt understand how to win this game, ive been just closing the doors when things appeared and fixed the 3 machines that broke sometime until it told me i survived but i still dont know what i actually have to do in the game. it will be very nice if the next update will have a small tutorial instead of the short text in the checklist and the little tips after you lose/win.

you should check out heated shifts too if youd like!! its kinda similar to in heat.

Damn! It's only for Windows!!! There gonna be a Linux release?

Steamdeck runs off of Linux so its a possibility!

Cool!!! Would love to play this for my PH channel!!!


Quick Question is the exclusive content is just the name in credits?


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There doesn't seem to be any discernible way to tell how long a night lasts for.

At one point, a night ended as soon as the sanity meter went to 0. The night after that, it kept on going and going... I got caught, and very shortly after restarting that night, it ended.

Edit: Almost immediately after I posted this, I just had two of the same bunny girl stacked on top of each other on the left window. One eventually disappeared. Somebody else appeared in the right window. I had both doors closed, and had a fair amount of sanity left for the time being. I then got jumpscared... by nobody.

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Okay doke, Thank you for commenting about this. We have noticed that Poppi is very quirky with her systems. This will get adjusted pretty soon with the next update. With the timing on the night. It's based on your performance. This will be a bit of a spoiler but we are planning on having every night end with Sammy making it to your room, and either fucking you herself, or having one of the other girls doing it whilst she watches.

With this we plan to integrate Sammy to follow a path that you will be able to keep track of if you use the cameras, so players in the know will be able to know how close Sammy is to their office. 
(Keep in mind this is not finalized. and we might adjust things as such)

I love the sound of this! Keep up the good work MonsterBox!

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oh geez how long does the demo take? Im like at night 8 and I never died. Feels like im in a loop or something. What even are the difference between the paid and the demo except for the "store" not availible for the demo?

There is no limit to the nights atm!

Are the nights even getting harder or is atleast something else changing every night?

They should be, We have received a lot of feedback on the difficulty so that is one of the big things we will be adjusting.

If I buy Early Access, do I get future updates for the game or do I have to buy the game again every update? Thanks and have a great night.

if you buy, you get the full finished copy, and every update!


Sweet! I bought this and the Sapphire Safari Bundle to support this game jam. Keep up the great work guys!

Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate you!


Looks good sadly I can't play it though until there is a apk

Same for me but for Linux! Why is everything on Windows???


Sorry for the meme, my self control is non-existent:

Was that "The Blowjob of '87"!?


Looks promising, but on the same note I don't enjoy the FNAF gameplay style. Guess it's not for me.

Are there any scenes in the demo? Ive yet to get any. 

The demo is sfw, just showcases the gameplay.

played the demo then bought, now it looks like im stuck on demo mode :( How can i fix this? It says the shop and all scenes past the first two are locked

Unfortunately that is the extent of the game atm. but the good news is that development is going fast. With the base game done we should be able to crank out animations fast.  Expect a lot of updates in the near future.

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I bought the game and clicked install but, its not wanting to download. Did I do something wrong ?

Im having the same issu

Check above to see if that answers the question :)!

You shouldn't need to install anything. It should be runnable after you extract everything.
Unless you are using the itch app, which really has a weird setup for their stuff.

Im on night 6 and I haven't gotten a scene yet. How do you trigger them?

Scenes are tied to deaths atm. We will of course have scenes for both losing and winning the game very soon.

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Perhaps I immediately noticed. A large number of bugs. And the most noticeable is that the progress of the night remains and you can even essentially not close the doors and not pay attention to enemies at all

There are only 2 scenes and 3 screamers in the game (not counting the bug screemer)

What can I say about the game? Firstly, this is almost the first game about porn in the fnaf teg (there were others). 

Second. There is very little content at the moment and for what to demand $ 9 for the game is too much (I would not give even one dollar)

Better the first versions were blown out for free, And the newer ones for a fee (Although $ 2 each). I will wait and hope that you will not abandon the project.


Thank you so much for your critique!

I completely understand what you are saying. We are very keen on producing a fantastic game, bug fixes are happening on the daily.

As a reply on your concerns for content.
We have a free build just for that reason! So folks can try the game and see if they vibe with it. If they really like the idea they can buy the early access version of the game.

I hope you will continue to follow this project


Hey, nice game. Some feedback though. It would be nice to have a hotkey to go back (ie: press 'space' or 'right mouse button' to go back from camera view to normal view).

Also I'm not sure how many gallery scenes there are available in the current version, but I have beaten night 3 and haven't gotten a scene. If the third scene gets unlocked at a later night, it would be nice to have a little number displayed on each scene that shows what night it will be unlocked from.

Looking forward to more updates, really good game. Keep it up!


I'll send this up to the coding team, very good advice!

Hey hey, just bought the game last night after giving the demo a shot. Checked the roadmap and saw no mention of the gallery, what's up with it related to the shop by chance?

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The shop will allow you to buy items to customize your desk! Customizing your desk might change how the nights go.


I should probably inform you that my gallery appears to be bugged, I have yet to get anything to unlock through it. I think it has something to do with the fact that data from the demo seems to have carried over into the main game, I played 3 nights of the demo and when I booted up the main game it started me at 3, I am now at 9.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, Working on a fix as we speak!

only 2 scenes total so far? got to day 5 and still have not unlocked another scene past the second.


Yeah, Unfortunately we were not able to make many more within the month of development time given by Hentai-Next. More definitely is on the way!

Did I pay for the demo or did I pay for the entire game as it gets updates? Some elements seem either locked or are they just not added yet. Also why don't the gallery animations loop, or is that just me?


You get access to the entire game friend! We are working on getting an update to loop the animations.

Thank you so much again for your patience.


pretty fun FNAF-esque game, hopefully it won't become much more complicated than it's current form; A problem the FNAF sequels had, in my opinion.

the animations are nice, if a little stilted at times (the Trick animation at the end of a successful night has some clipping issues) and I'd like to see more than just silent "loop" animations in the full release (maybe 2 alt angles and a finish animation would be the perfect mix? just giving my two cents).


not a bad game but needs more explanation for the tutorial, especially with the stress toy since the game doesnt specify that it gets used up after over heat but not bad. but aint bad once you get the mechanic together.

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Whats the difference between BadTime and InHeat? And what exclusive? Def thinking of getting it!

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Bad time is the old build name. In heat is the real game!

needs a better tutoriel as i was lost and cant return the one bar from red/purle to green

i also cant seem to know much else

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I would check the cameras around since there seem to be those flashing lights in some of the rooms, also I think there’s a task icon at the PC window screen thingy that seems to list out a tutorial or guide of sorts?


As I understand it, the Russian does not have the opportunity to buy this game and others due to the close of Visa and Mastercard, as well as the close of Paypal in Russia...(

Is that why I can't find the Visa section?

Nope, I just get an error.
You have something else.

Oh, I see.


Would it be possible to get a demo version to try since a 20 second trailer and 5 screenshots are not a lot of information to make a decision on?


I sent this request to the team!
Will do!

And done!


Oh,man had to do a double-take on that Screenshot Lol nice job these devs have at least a sense of humor. makes me hopeful for more.


Dude... Remove the video that you edited Markiplier into. That is just not cool =/



Pretty fun, a bit short but much potential if updated enough.


We are looking to keep it updated, Check out our devlogs!

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