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Hypothetically, if I was given access to the models, would you let me make animations for the game?


Don't get me wrong! this is a great game with imense potential and i am honestly having a great time playing it! however i have a couple things to adress: there is no real tutorial. well, you get a phone call on the first night with a slight intro to SOME of the girls and mechanics, but no real guide for what to do. making it a little hard to get into at first. and either the power box puzzle is randomized or it's supposed to be just imposible after night 4(?) i can't for the life of me beat night 5 because it seems like i have to sit and press the buttons 100.000+ times each hoping none of the girls come and get me. which coupled with how insanely active the girls become after night 3 or 4, doesn't make a lot of room for success... idk, that might be a bug?


you mean light fuse? it is randomized yes, but the correct combination is shown to you with post its in the office each night.
The gameplay itself is very based on FNAF games where you got pretty much 0 explanation on what to do, but you do pick up on what every girl demands from you with play time and looking at posters around the facility that give hints on each girl.If you have a question about any of the girls I can explain them to you

I think this game has potential, but it's incredibly hard to jump into. I like that the kill screen isn't a dumb jumpscare, but I'm on level one and I feel totally lost. I want to play to unlock the scenes, but with the obtuse controls, rapid draining sanity and lack of proper tutorial for those unfamiliar with these types of games, I don't see myself supporting the project anytime soon.

THe only thing you unlock is the gallery collecting it through levels as it spawns at random, you don't actually unlock the game over animations (for now, can't say if they will eventually)

What problems you have with the mechanics of the game? maybe I can help you understand better.
As for the gameplay outside of mechanics it is as all FNAF style games are, it is a matter of catching the flow of what you should be doing and of course having luck

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Will an option/mode be added to just pick a girl to be with? I hate having to try and finagle my way around to get a specific one, especially on level 7 and up.

how do i get tits mcgee to p*ss off from a camera?


Microwave in the left most room.

thanks TT

Not sure want to do. But I've been trying to play In Heat First Nights but it keeps crashing. Especially when I use the cameras and go to Restaurant and pick another area.

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How tall are all of the girls in this game, i need to know for research purposes, anyone knows?

Very, in the visual novel Sammy comments the protagonist to be on nipple level

and maddie is like double of that so yeah xD 

Only Misty is like human height if I remember correctly

very fun game cant wait for more to be unlocked

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Playing the full version and wanted to triple check mine's working properly (edit: checked further down, will edit my comment to be a sorta FAQ for others)

1. Did the shop get removed/is it still being sorted for the newer version? I'm guessing this will be re-added when the arcade is sorted or later

2. Is the arcade meant to be blanked out like in the demo? Is it tied to night completion? The arcade will be in a future update after the nightclub has been completed/added

3. Is the gallery meant to be blanked out like in the demo? is it tied to unlocking your first gallery piece? It IS tied to getting your first gallery piece, which is done by finding any tape and then winning the attempt you found it in. Tapes spawn randomly and are able to spawn on every night. Finding 2 tapes in 1 night will grant 2 gallery pieces so don't feel like searching for another is a fruitless endeavour. Any night can result in any tape. Gallery unlocks don't necessarily correspond to where that tape was found. All tapes spawn at the start of the night, multiple can spawn in the same room/cam. Gallery unlocks are the same ones as in the legacy version. Happy searching :D

4. Are there still other plushies to unlock? How do I get them if so?

5. If any of that isn't right, how do I clear my save to fix it?

I've unlocked 3 VHS on Gallery mode, to unlock a gallery, look for a CD, red box, or sum, then survive till 7 am, then it's yours, it's unlocked on Gallery, I haven't encountered any shop, so it must be on the future release

can confirm, lines up with the testing and shop is probably coming with the arcade in future

Oi~ had a blast playing up to level 12. Ive been picking up these posters... magazines... vinyl sleeves? throughout and thought thats what unloccks the gallery, but to no avail :<

How do I unlock more? I have 7 slots remaining.

nevermind... I beleive they are doing something. I collected three in one game and got another one. Dont know if its cause I collected them or if its from something else.


The game is too hard for me, I don't really understand the mechanics and I can't get passed level 2. Can I just get a save with the gallery unlocked?😭
Btw, picking up the dvds doesn't seem to do anything

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you can unlock the full gallery repeatedly playing level 1 (gallery is only in the full version as a heads up), look around cams for a red block-y thing on the floor, any cam except the massive room can have them from my testing, not guaranteed to spawn, then just click it. beat the night from there, if you lose you won't get the tape and have to try again. hope this helps :D

If you are having trouble is level 2 I am afrait that either you are just hopeless with this kind of games or you don't really understand what you should be doing.
I can help you if you have any doubt

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was there ever a background check on kekitopu? i looked him up and i feel bad now :edit: and sick

Is there a easy mode?

nope, it's all about RNG, so it's random, not AI

should relece this to vr it would look grate


1. How many nights the game have? (i'm at level 12)

2. How to unlock Arcade Mode?

Arcade mode will be in a future update (to my knowledge)


Can you toggle clothes on/off during the lewd scenes in the future? I'd like for them to keep the clothes on because they look so good in them

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Is it still possible to download the old model version 

I feel like im not getting something when it comes to the power box mini-game. No matter how many times I do the "Simon Says", it NEVER seems to fix the box on higher difficulties... is it bugged or am I stupid????

Never mind, im just stupid XD

Apparently I am too. Lol is there a way to get the box to work right? It works and sometimes it doesn't?

There's a color code on your office, it changes every run and that's the order you should press the power box buttons


need more misty and ari


so uh how do you deal with the fox/kitsune she just stands in the doorway and never leaves it feels like


she's friendly, doesn't attack unless its lvl 12 where she becomes red

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yeah but she keeps the door open which has made me lose

Nahhh, whenever Ari is at the Doorway, no other Girls can get in, I tested it, you should prioritize the other door when Ari is in the right door

The Mint Colored Wolf? Or the one with Big baddonkawers?

Ari is the wolf, Maddie is a fox, I think

Not Really friendly, unless your Sanity never goes down to Zero, Ari, the Mint colored Maid wolf, will attack, the second your sanity goes kaputt


ngl shes how i won, one hard level. near the end, she be in the doorway, and ari be looking in the window, and my left door was shut, SO EZ


Are you talking about Ari (the green maid fox) or Maddie (The brown big tit kitsune with the apron)?

Ari just checks the door to see if your sanity is low and will leave if your sanity is high a little while after.

Maddie will either stay on a cam not letting you do anything there (except watching Nile) or stay in a door and keep it open so other girls can attack you. The way you deal with Maddie is
using the microwave in the left camera so she leaves either the camera or door

Ahhhhhh, so that's how you'll make Maddie leave, cuz of the Microwave, thanks for the tip!

If  Remember correctly the microwave breaks if you use it too much so try to not use it too much. I personally only use it when she is in the doorway, because even if she is blocking a task camera you won't get a game over unless you have 3+ task failing so you cna just wait and try to keep that 1 camera task as the only one that fails

when she is red you just need to stare at it but when she is green you wait and then she will go and remember to always have sanity when she is green

Oh Ari will leave in a bit, staring at you. menacingly, waiting, for your sanity to zero, then, all of the sudden, WHACKED! by a broom

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I didn't understand how the pink fox works, even when the door is closed she kills me


i guess you mean the red fox on lvl 12? she starts in the hallway, you have to constantly look at her trough the cams, when you don't she moves, and can't be stopped by doors

is there another place? I had heard about a night club

I don't think the night club has been added yet

Ahhh who the pink fox? I'm still at lvl 6

you find it in the last lvl (12)

As a small correction, Ari is a wolf not a fox

So Red Ari is just Ari, but red, and very Hostile?

Well not really, BloodMoon Ari works compleatly different from Ari. she spawns on the corridor on the left and rund down to you slowly while youa re not looking at her through the camera. She is pretty much unstoppable as not even the door will keep her out so you have to balance doing all repairs and keeping the other girls out while constantly watching her so she never reaches you

Does Nile still do the hypnosis minigame sequence? That used to be her gimmick. Right now her thing is "Pay attention to me or I'll break your cameras!"

Ja! She breaks your cams if you don't pay attention to her

anyone kno how to unlock the arcade if its in the game?

not out yet


does the demo got spicy stuff or na


no 😞


At the current pace, can it be completed and released on Steam in 2024?

no. this game has been in development hell for years


DWLKJR you have been around for awhile,  I want to get your opinions on some of the new developmental stuff we have currently cooking. 

papa_smug is the discord name, feel free to send me an friend request.

For the other question. Yes, we will be on steam in 2024, and in my honest opinion the earlier the better. 

However one thing needs to be said, We will not be releasing until the title is ready. 


That's up to MonsterBox, it is them, that makes the game, and judging by it, 0.1.4, it's still safe to say it's still Far Cry to be a complete title

i cant be the ONLY one struggling with night 4 on the demo right?

man keeping your sainity up while 15 girls be standin in 1 door is crazy tho

IT DOESENT END! im in night 11

I had a hard time completing it when i bought the game. I just had to keep moving and focus on whats going as well as keeping the girls out. (the bunny can go in my office anytime tho)


Just bought your game a second time because I want to support you. I'm looking forward to seeing In Heat get finished!

Thank you, it will be soon. 

When the update is released, is there any chance of the full version being added on steam?

Basically as a leak of the roadmap releasing a bit later this month. We will be releasing on steam on early access once the Nightclub is finished. 


Out of curiosity, will the people who bought on get Steam codes upon the Steam release? I'm not opposed to buying on both platforms but I KNOW some people definitely would be.

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Unfortunately while itch is direct to us with every payment, steam is a different beast. especially when you have a publisher. I will try to see if there is a method so we can reward early supporters of the game regardless. 

Descargué el juego de demostración y solo aparece una pantalla negra, ¿cómo soluciono eso?


how do you beat the seventh night in security room? and also is that the last level in the security room or is there more?

So far, there is only night 1 and all 12 levels is in the office. Dont get me wrong, the sex scenes is really good but i wish they would more to it, even if its in the new update

I have a question for the uncensored version, how do you get it? When I buy the game and install it, can I configure it right there or is it a separate file?

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It's in the settings called H the bottom of the settings.


I made a short video of the game

Thank you so much!

Thank you, I also make animations for In Heat .3


Are there any plans to add cum animations when you get caught?


I've wondered (and hoped) this aswell. Like the animation loops for a bit as usual, then a "finisher", then just loops again and repeat until you restart or leave. Animations lose something when there is no finish I find.


Right, that's kind of what I was hoping for too. Especially since the animations are so well done too.


Yes, and no. 

Clips are getting made with orgasms in them. The new level has sex out in the open. Not sure if we will be upgrading the admin rooms Jumpscares before or after the arcade.

Dang, well looking forward to that new level, keep up the good work man.

hey how do i deal with the one eyed blue fox girl cause no matter what i do she just walks in the room every time i see her.


Ari is the security (and maid I think, unless she's just kinky like that) and doesn't like when the other security (You) is losing their nerve. In other words, make sure your sanity isn't too low when she shows and she'll leave after a bit (If you can hear yourself breathing heavy it's too low. Just be careful of Misty).

Keep your sanity level above 50%

is it just me or is this game actually hard now?

Yes. its actually hard.

And it makes our peepee's hard hahahahaha, sorry for the pun

Sorry for the question, but how do you open the arcade

Not available yet, will be a brand new level after the nightclub. 

Has anyone told me how to open the gallery?


Every night you have the chance to pick up dvd cases, each case unlocks a new lewd in the gallery.

DW though, since the next level is just going to have fucking out in the open.

I'm picking up dvds but the gallery isn't unlocking D=


I never played FNAF, didn't think it looked fun to play, but I legit enjoy playing this game, I found myself just enjoying the levels.  Maybe it's cause I like Sammy and the gang better then some busted up animatronics.  Keep it up. I'm stoked for whatever comes next.

Also, Sammy staring into my soul gets me feeling a certain kind of way. shits dangerous.

How many nights are there?

12 atm on map 1

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