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Hi, I would like to know how to start minigames and if there is any guide to the minigames?

as an sfm porno this shit is great, as a game it kind of sucks. like the elements are there, but they're so reliant on complete luck i might as well sit there sucking on my thumb until the night ends 

Working on that, Characters like Nile are being transitioned into skill-based characters instead of random roamers, Poppi's Minigame niche is also being better represented. All in all the projects still in alpha.  Speaking on the lewds, we should be getting more of those out with the new models being completed. 

I made this simply to comment on the game's current condition, the fact that you replied deserves a lot of respect on its own. I trust you guys to bring this game to insane heights, and I look forward to seeing the actual game half of it fully fleshed out. Best of luck, you've got my full support

I'm not sure what is causing the issue but every time I boot up the game, the audio settings default to 0 in the menu and each time I boot the game up I have to reset the audio volumes.

On the latest build right?

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on 0.7.2 Public build. I do not know about the experimental build. I might try to play the Linux build on my steam deck sometime and see if it's also an issue on there and not just Windows.

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Hi, monsterbox, sorry for the seemingly stupid question at first glance, or have you already answered it, I'm interested to know if the game in heat will soon become an Android version? If you tell me that there is such a version, then I don't like playing in the form of a visual novel, I or anyone else who subscribes to you on social networks would prefer to play that in heat, which is played by computer players, yes, but not everyone has a computer with which you can play heat, I was interested in the game because of the gameplay, and not the one that has a visual novel, and besides, all nsfw games for Android are more like visual novels, but least of all there are games like your gameplay, and adventure games in which, where for example there is, there is on the screen joystick, or some kind of device that connects to a joystick, and a thing that connects, for example, a cord for charging a phone, but connects the wired joystick itself.

I hope you understood me, and I didn't mean to offend you in any way, and for that, just forgive me for this long commerce 😓😓😓😓😓


With android specifically. it is not strong enough to play our game. It will definitely not be the full experience.


Any chance of a Linux update soon? It's a few releases behind now and it doesn't look like the missing assets were reinstated


I want to get out of these experimental builds before we run on linux.


Can we get the nsfw vesion on steam soon? I enjoy useing steam more than itchio.

Yeah, this games early access stage is taking place on itch. I refuse to release on steam until the game is ready

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So I'm currently trapped in the billboard screen for tape unlocks.  Edit:  Restarting the game put me back in there, but it then actually let me back out after it apparently finished unlocking a video it couldn't before (when I was trapped, it kept playing the unlocking sound, but nothing happened).

Yeah its a issue that is known unfortunately. It didn't appear with original testing. IT will be hammered out with the next build likely. 

Amm hello I just want to say that I have a problem, I can not have more videos and I am doing what the clues say, but I have not achieved any more, can someone tell if it is just a mistake or I am doing something wrong, I don't know, please help

unlock board seems to be having some issues. It will be addressed. try clicking on misty in the credits scene for access to all the available sex scenes

Could a menu be added that describes how collecting things work and some mechanics? I keep collecting tapes and I only end up with one only no matter how long I play so I'm beginning to think its just me being dumb.

So ill probably remove the actual videotape object from the game since people are having issues with it. You unlock stuff through completing challenges on the unlock board.

Is the new Version out. I only see 0.7.2 ?

It should be out? Maybe Itch had an issue?

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I seem to have made a new discovery (0.72 and demo)

It seems that the inability to play the tape is not a game problem but a graphics card (some graphics cards don't seem to support some textures), especially for notebook users (suggestion: transfer the game to desktop comper)

The performance/impact that some graphics cards (notebooks) don't support,

1. The beginning animation doesn't play: INHEAT(Demo and 0.72) point. exe just went in and it was a black screen. I once thought that the computer was loading the game but it wasn't. This is actually a black screen caused by the beginning animation not playing.

2. The video of the prop cherry_pc can't be played. Playing the video with this prop in the game will cause a continuous decline in reason (0.72 can't be played on a notebook, but demo can). Players need to click cherry_pc to close the video to prevent further decline in reason (note that it is normal for you to click cherry_pc not to play, and the game wants you to click it to stop playing)

3. The tape (sex video) has a black screen and no sound

My Notebook Graphics Card (MX450) Desktop Graphics Card (Quadro p1000)

In discord, there is a poor man who still has a black screen. I hope he can try(transfer the game to desktop comper).

Yes but there is light at the end of the tunnel for this one. So many game developers have had issues with this unreal system that there is now a 3rd party plugin for playing videos. Hopefully we can remake the video system with this in mind!

Will Sammy's model change? (I seem to hear that her model will be changed.) I like the old version of sammy. Is the old Sammy having some difficulties in some aspects? To be honest, I feel sad about it. I think the old Sammy looks better. If possible, can you bring the old Sammy back? (Although she brings difficulties, I feel the old version is very nice) (and keep the old Sammy's video)

Honestly yes, Its incredibly hard to animate, and it is very dense. Not only that but the classic models are actually causing issues when we build the game (leading to a release delay of several hours today). I am going to try to do one or two more updates with them before changing them.

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if i buy the game do i need to buy again to get the updates? just curious

only need to buy once

Ей друг почему игра не та что на стиме? И ета игра незнаю кто посоветова так изменить карту локаций но хрень полная почти все аниматроники либо под камерой либо даже непоймош. Анимации глючат как и Найдение касеты только два ролика робочих а так везде чорний екран и где русский перевод.

Это игра нормальная, анимации глючат потому, что пк слабый. Проблема с воспроизведением кассет решается (разработчик об этом писал). Русский перевод пока здесь не нужен, так как игра на стадии разработки. Локации сделаны удобно и даже логично. На этом у меня всё.

I want made a French translation of the game how i can do that ?

Once we are ready we will be in contact!

No problem. Thanks you for your response. I go wait patiently <3

I love this game, the best Fnaf adult version that I played, great job.

Are you actually able to look around when you die? Or is that a still in development feature, or something else? I've just been curious about it.

it seems like its only animaton, not a acc game thing they just animate the 3d jumpscare and then put it in the game.

Once the new models are in we will be able to animate with em. 


will the next update add Chinese languages please chinese players are huge here

Yes, that is why I am working with a publisher to get translations. The game is just very much in development phase atm. 


I cant watch the tapes anymore in 7.3 for some reason. Do I need to have another version or clear my save state?

Are you encountering a black screen, or is it the error screen?

Its a black screen with no audio but the UI is still there 

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This probably isn't the place to ask this, but I haven't been able to install the Linux version correctly not entirely sure what im doing wrong, like there's no exuctables anywhere. I got it on windows fine though so idk

Also the game looks really promising so I will be donating more in the future

EDIT: im very very stupid just went into the permissions of the and allow it to be an exuctable


Awesome! I am glad you were able to fix the issue!

And thank you so much for your support

plan to donate more when I can afford to, this looks like a really promising game


Do you guys plan on making a release for Steam anytime soon? People such as myself want to play the current EA build would prefer to own the Game there and would rather not have to buy the game twice>
You could release an Early Access build and people like me would gladly buy it and be patient for the game to be finished.

I'd just like to play the current version without making it cost extra for me, if the game was avaliable there or I could get sent a key for buying this version (The latter I understand is mentioned in the Discord but not guaranteed) I'd appreciate it a lot, and am sure others would feel the same.


I am not making a release on steam until the game is finished. Unfortunately steam doesn't treat EA titles well, if it did releasing on steam would be a totally different story.


That's a shame, I'm really liking what I've seen from the demo and the pieces I've seen you guys post whether it be memes or actual updates.
I'm kinda getting a bit tired of waiting though, how far though completion would you say the game is currently? Percent wise, and what's the estimated release window? Depending how far away it is I may reconsider buying it on here since it's not too expensive and I have a very comfortable income.

Also, BTW, from what I've seen you guys are doing a way better job than actual FNAF, I'm rather critical of the series but have to say certain inspired titles like this look to be made with some genuinely great passion meanwhile the offical series and it's knockoffs have become very corporate.
Keep doing a good job MonsterBox, honestly you and all the other affiliates of Critical Bliss have become easily one of the most reliable groups of Lewd Gaming.

I try to keep things transparent, right now I am thinking we can release next year, but I do not want a buggy build. When it comes to percentage I would say 33% complete. I really appreciate your support and hopefully you will love the finished project!


The steam page says "This item is currently unavailable in your region". Is there anything i can do? I wanna buy it on steam. Played the preview and i really like the game.


Do you live in a country like Germany or China that's banned AO  Games on the store? If so there's not really anything you can reasonably do to get the game on Steam, you'd have to use a VPN with a different region store and giftcard a lot can go wrong with and probably isn't worth it.
I'd recommend getting this version if you can stomach using a different store, this version is Early Access anyway while for as far as I can tell Steam only has the Demo currently.


Unfortunately Germany. And i found out about the ban a few days after i wrote this comment. Well i guess i have to buy it here. I would have loved to buy it on steam but i guess there is no othe option. It's not a problem to use this store, payment method is my problem. Thank's for the reply, i really love your game.



China will come with the steam release


I think one of my favorite things about this game is how easy it is to identify who's in the shadows. Even if nothing else is visible, a single yellow eye immediately lets me know Nile is in the room. Hit day 10 and they are extremely aggressive now, a much faster up-scaling of difficulty.

Poppi still my fav.

does the demo just not have any NSFW scenes I'm confused

it doesn't


is there a list of the broken unlocks anywhere? I remember you mentioning that some work and some don't but I feel it would be nice to know which ones are achievable and which ones you will need to use the auto-unlock fo


Right now off of memory 0.73 cannot do any of the meme high night unlocks, nor can it do the broken lights unlock. 

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(v0.72) the thing with broken lights, I did break all the orange lights (I also tried all the red ones and both) but I never got the achievement. Am I misunderstanding something or is just my game broken? (Would appreciate no big spoilers if possible)


All of the tapes hints were built to test functions of the game, unfortunately this one was indeed broken.
click on misty in the credits room to get access to every current tape in that build.

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What's the system requirements I bought but it won't run

Which version are you playing?

Due to our open development  systems we don't exactly have a bare minimum, as it has changed.

But please if you are buying this game, make sure you have more than 8gb's of ram, In heat usually uses up 1-2 gigs of ram from our tests. 

You should be able to run in heat with 2gb's of GPU power but it won't look pretty. 

thanks I figured it out .... I didn't know you had to install the other pack before running game... I like both versions.. miss the heat signature on the oldmap is it going to be brought back in new version 

Played through all 12 nights of the 0.73 update and it is a great improvement over 0.72.

Now I'm not sure if this is a glitch or intentional, but when you go to gallery and credits and click the plushies on the left it unlocks everything on the unlock board.

Yes this is intentional! I am glad you enjoyed the game!

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On the unlock board the dangling orange lights one doesn't seem to unlock or I maybe missed a light though I have tried multiple times. 

Edit: The unlock requirements of needing the plushie for extra tapes also seems to not be working

Gotcha, the lights were a known issue but not the other one. Thank you for your help!

On web page it says "In Heat" is available on Mac for steam, but on steam web page "In Heat" ISNT available, will it be playable on Mac when it releases or am I just out of luck ;~;

I will make an attempt, but right now our issues with the mac build is that we don't have a mac version of the kawaiiphysics plugin. 

it would be great to get a game guide because everything is not clear. Just for the tedious or not obvious aspects like how to earn more tickets or even a specific amount of tickets b

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Soon, Likely there will be a wiki made! For now if you need any assistance I highly recommend popping into the discord

i keep having the game update on my everytime i come back to the itch io launcher even tho i all ready updated the game? what is going

I keep seeing things regarding an "unlock board" but cannot find it for the life of me. I see a lot of things referenced in these comments that I've seen no indication of at all...

which build are you playing?

Public 0.7.3 experimental

What is the "secret prop" that spawns in the admin room? I've been through a fair bit of gameplay and have not really noticed any change, side from when you customize your desk. Is it like a one in a million thing?

Have you clicked on the sandwich in the aquarium ?

Oh thats what you meant.  Im sorry about that I thought you meant it was like a secret prop in the office. Yea I did find the sandwich already thanks for the help though

I keep trying to pay for this game but it keeps saying this..

"There was an error processing your payment:

  • The zip code you supplied failed validation.

If you are unsure, please contact support with the above message."


you should talk with support instead

They don't even respond. I don't get why this game only stops me from buying. I can buy any others normally.

how do I save every time I close it and come back it restart’s everything I did is there a button I’m supposed to press to save it if so plz tell me

It should save automatically after a night.

I don't know why but im receiving an error with the new update.

what error are you seeing

I don't know where to ask this, in In Heat: Lustful Nights Demo on steam how do you get the scenes?

Steam version is a SFW (safe for work) version. Scenes don't exist here at all

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Ah, that makes sense, Thanks. Might have to invest moneys.

The game has potential but it lack of good sex scenes angle,when you die you dont see the penetration,the camera focus in the head,there are guys that tried use  Universal Unreal Unlocker because the camera is locked and it show that not even there are a penis in the PC.
I hope the creator add in a future a dick in the PC and a camera that we can move where you see sex scenes with penetration etc.

We can now with the new upgraded models!

The death loss scenes are not meant to be seen like that. The game has scenes you just have to complete challenges on the unlock board, 3 or more you unlock by simply playing one night and getting the secret tape thing first night.

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Maybe it is like you said VoidBoob,but me and a lot of guys that tried use Universal Unreal Unlocker for the camera prefer the traditional way of see the scenes like i said,ofc see the sex scenes with the dick and the penetration etc in the game over not mean that you cant see extra sex scenes for what you said,it just should do the game better,imagine new game overs scenes per night and extra scenes for challenges.

The whole point was they did not want to reward you for losing. I use UUU too, but I have the mental capacity to understand that me doing bad or losing is not something i should be rewarded for.

is there futa in this game?

its specifically going to be a thing for the forest level in a future update

wait what FOREST im getting werid vibes from just the word forest

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