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You thought it was a miracle that you landed a job at ██████. Boarding, food, and all the ██████ you could ever ███. It was just too good to be true!

Unfortunately for you, It was.

Every night you will need to protect yourself from a dozen █████████.
Maybe if you survive, you might just get that ██████.


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Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Adult, Creepy, Erotic, First-Person, Furry, Hentai, Horror, Minimalist, NSFW


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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InHeat_Windows0.6f Preview..rar 1,002 MB
INHEAT 0.7.2 PUBLIC.zip 1 GB

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I can't wait for Steam release! 


Just wanna say there should be a mobile version

i really dint get how to play this, is there more just then tapes if so i have no clue how to get to them. I'm on night 18 and nothing really happend 

how many tickets do i need to trade in also whats the fastest method to get tickets


In realy good game, as if I were to describe it like a different fnaf, it's just a shame that I only have access to the demo. So the question is when will IN HEAT be on steam?


Got a question: When the game comes out (if it comes out) on steam, will the people who purchased the game here get a free game key?

Last I heard, you will not get a steam key.

Love the changes to the lighting and level design! It gives the game a lot more atmosphere

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Whenever I try to look up controls it just gives me a black screen not the whole app, but just the page, is that a bug or na? Also all my sound settings go to zero when load up

Interacting with Ari in the menu reminds me of the Senran Kagura games.  They usually feature a Diorama Mode and an Intimacy Mode.

Any chance we might get something like that here?

Either way, I’m really enjoying watching this game get updated!  You guys are awesome, Thank you!


How do you get the i need more heat tape, the i need to investigate more, and what are the funny numbers?

It looks like some of the models of the girls in the latest Linux build have been replaced with cardboard boxes. Is this normal and they unlock over time or am I missing some models?


  Yeah unfortunately those are a fallback model. Ill likely be reuploading the linux build with a couple hotfixes.


Thank you MonsterBox :) I know Linux probably isn't a huge percentage of the player base and it's very cool that you're supporting it.

I'd like to second this and say thank you for supporting Linux as well.

Guys can somebody help i am new in this game how to unlock scenes with furry girls? You need to lose to unlock it or need to pass all nights like in original game?

If you're on the newest version, there is an unlock board. Go to Gallery, Unlock Board. There are "Challenges" you have to do to unlock the Tapes/Scenes.
But there is a tape for every death. That includes Nightclub deaths.

Alot of the unlock board things are pretty straightforward, it just requires a good eye. Some are stupid, and you'll get them from randomly clicking. 
The one for Misty (Shark) that says something about grilled cheese is unlocked by clicking on an amulet in her fish tank. A loud humming with start to play, and you'll unlock the tape. The one about the orange lights is bugged right now, as I, and many other people cannot unlock it. The rest are easy. The ones about funny numbers are time-consuming, so I don't know if you'd want to unlock those.

As for an "Unlock All" Feature, that doesn't exist anymore. It used to be just pressing Numpad 8 on the main menu, but it seems they removed it.

They actually didn't remove the Unlock All feature just go to the 0.72 post and go down at the comments monsterbox explained on how to do that

the girls are kind of hard to see sometimes with the new lighting and high camerea angles


Mac when

Update soon?

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I need help getting the following unlocks.
Also, the headpatting unlock is broken. Video freezes when it starts.

"I've heard that there's some tapes of terrible acts Poppi has committed out there..."

"I've heard there's a recording of the incident in the nightclub somewhere..."

"I wonder what would happen if both girls were against the windows when the shift ended." (Idk what to do with this one) I've had all three girls on both windows and no unlock after the shift ends with them on it)

"I've been told she likes those dangling orange lights. What would happen if someone smashed them?" (Idk what to do here. I've smashed them all. At least I think I have. Nothing happens. Halp)
"I bet Misty would be pretty thankful if her concert went well..." (I went a whole night without a single generator going down and I still didn't get this. Halp)


I have the same problem your not the only one. Believe they are going to fix these in the next update at least the orange lights one

Maybe the game should have a link to a guide.

Ye especially on how to get tapes and things


I Have tried the new version. Here is my review for now. To be honest the nightclub is so much better than before. As for the board I guess it's kind of glitchy as I completed one of things on it. But it still didn't unlock me a tape. When playing nightclub, the tiger would break your genarators but when she is breaking them, she would make the noise in the older version. As for right now there is no audio, and I can't tell if she is on the gen or not. But overall, 8/10 bugs are a problem 


I think the game is worth buying as it is very well made. All though bugs can be frustrating. I am on night 43 and it's still fun playing. Difficulty is quite easy so maybe increase that. The scenes are very good. I defiantly don't regret purchasing it.

Someone tell me how to get through the 16th night. The lights always go out and for some ungodly reason I can't touch anything or do anything. Tired of this bs. I'm trying to get the two girl window thing and I just can't

It's a bug as far as I can tell. After some time playing/a few nights, that happens. Restarting the game should fix it.

Tried that multiple times. Didn't work.

(2 edits)

I just wanted to ask some questions before I buy, is the game on itch.io going to be as up to date as the one on steam when that is released? Will the price be changing at any point? If someone has already purchased the game here would you allow them to have a key to the steam version when that's released?

Steam and Itch.io are different stores. Buying the game at one does not get you access to the game at the other. At least, that’s the last I heard.

Don’t see why the Steam version would be more up to date than this one, as it is available here first.

I can’t recall them mentioning a price change, but it could happen.

Also, how the hell do I prevent poppie from destroying the generators?

(1 edit)

When you see someone at a generator, honk the horn button, bottom right of the screen, I believe.

Thing is, Poppie doesn't care about the horn. The other character cares and goes away. Poppie does not.

Poppie doesnt destroy the generators, she just kinda vibes and blocks your view of the hallway. As long as you scare Sammy away you're good

Ah I see. Thanks.

So uh, what am I actually supposed to be doing? All I see that I can do is smash light bulbs, squish the pig, use that drink thing, reassemble the green core thing, touch some of the 2d objects to make them go away, touch the thingie above you in the main room, use the radio, turn off the computer, shut the doors, and of course, get raped. What am I supposed to really do here? I noticed there's a door on the left side that you can't open. Is there a way to get it open?

FreeRoam? (Sorry about my pfp)


Love the game but, I hope down the line there will be a option to where you can do whatever you want to the girls like, selecting how you would fuck them or make them do stuff to you that you want.

Help plz. Im on night 8 and i still havent gotten any sex scenes. am i doing something wrong or does it take more nights? im a bit lost on something though ive figure the general idea of the game out. any pointers would be appreciated.

If you go to gallery and then unlock board, you have to do what the photos say when you click on them.

i dont think i have the most up to date version. the menu doesnt have an unlock board. just the power board showing how many scenes are left.

nevermind. just downloaded the updated and i see now

I don't understand how the night club minigame works and how I get scenes. Plese someone explain me the gist

Do some of them not have cumming animations? I'm just curious cause I've only seen one so far. No worries at all, just curious, loving it so far!


when is the steam release?

The question is, is it possible to add the download of illustrations to Steam, otherwise I draw, I would upload it to Steam, otherwise I can’t (already asked this question, but in my native language, I apologize that I forgot that not everyone speaks my language)


is there any guide to get all these tapes and minigames? Its just hard for me to find them

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Cool game. Was wondering if, in the future, there'd be some sort of debug mode to skip gallery progress and get a full gallery for if we need to clear save data after an update?


Cool idea:)

Only exploit I know of right now is in the exchange. 


found 2 more, if you end the night with the porn running it continues into the next night and doesnt decrease sanity. if you fail a night, time continues running and you can "complete" it by sitting through the "game over" screen until 8 am


Nice! :)


If I purchase the game will it still get updates or will I have to purchase them too

Purchase includes all future updates.


New update coming this week?


Before I buy, do the sex scenes have the girls' voices?

We are slowly rolling those out, some videos have voices, some are not.


Which of the board unlock things are bugged? theres a few that I have not gotten and I can't tell if they are bugged or if I'm not doing the correct thing to unlock them. also is ari actually in the game somewhere?


The Misty one where you need to get 90%+ higher popularity is bugged alongside breaking the lights. They will be patched up with the next release. We will be including Ari in the next version!

is the 0.7 build not working? I followed all of the instructions and deleted all of the .6 stuff but it still says its on .6 build.

0.7's build number is weird, I apologize.


just a random idea, costumes? change costumes for each character and it changes them in the cameras and on the floor. (examples being maid, latex, nothing, pasties, etc)


This is confirmed to be happening, Ill likely make a new timeline for development and features. 

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