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You thought it was a miracle that you landed a job at ██████. Boarding, food, and all the ██████ you could ever ███. It was just too good to be true!

Unfortunately for you, It was.

Every night you will need to protect yourself from a dozen █████████.
Maybe if you survive, you might just get that ██████.

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Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(483 total ratings)
Tags3D, Adult, Creepy, Erotic, First-Person, Furry, Hentai, Horror, Minimalist, NSFW


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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INHEAT-Electra video system test.zip alt f4 to escape 665 MB
INHEAT 0.75 Legacy Build.zip 1 GB

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when this game release on steam?

will there be a look down feature when you get caught?

Today I looked at first time two new leaked images of Maddie's redesigned and improved model posted on the Subscribestar account.

That means she will deserve a new jumpscare when the model is finished.

While i like that you trying to be so talkative, i really dont like you spoiling content from paysites to the public.

Monsterbox,is Kass's improved model just ready to be shown?


Add markiplier mode and ill buy it

(4 edits)

Don't add it,Monsterbox,just trust on the best people and not on that guy who sent that reply!

And don't forget that you mustn't let people buy the worst stuff which shouldn't be made to the game!

Only the best stuff ever!

Everyone is adverted!


Will there be any more exotic fetish content such as pegging, bdsm, toy use, futa/dickgirl, etc? Just out of curiosity. It's rare but sometimes fnaf-style porn games do have it (like Springtrap in Fuck Nights at Freddie's).


Nigga you need help

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It's necessary that the game needs more features and content about sex.

Perhaps,that content will be added on the next updates everybody know.


this is supposed to be a semi-original game, not just some fnaf fan game :/ just because it is similar doesnt mean its the same. not every single game about sex is meant to have every single form of sex.

(2 edits)

True, but there's also no harm in simply asking. :) I was merely asking what the dev's plan was.

will there be a mobile version??


Going to make an attempt on it, but lets finish the game first

This isn't like the standard rpgmaker system where we can just export to the phone, things need to be adjusted to compensate for the lack of power on cellphones.



The gameplay is very good, all the places and graphics are really cool, i didn't have any issue playing the game, but i think some things need to be changed before the final release:

1. All the girls need to do something more to take our attention, they already do some things like Poppi in this image (which for me is my favorite, every time Pòppi shakes her booty like this i always lose),

but i think we need more like for example:

- If the camera shows up to girls, start an animation where they touch each other boobs/ass, or they start to lick boobs or putting her faces in Poppi's ass, or they start scissoring with orgasms, this will take a LOT of attention and definitely will confuse us because we will wanna look and then we might lose, honestly the only time i lose because of the girls was with this image, this specific animation when she shakes her ass for us on the camera is very fckng good, please do not remove this, but the other girls i think it needs more variation you know, like that girl with big boobs, when the camera shows her it will be awesome if she shows her boobs for us you know.

2. When we lose, the girls start to fuck with us, but we can't move the camera to see more, it will be better if we can see more, at least moving the camera while she is jumping on us.

3. We already have Admin Room and Nightclub, i don't know what's the next plan but will be very awesome if the 3rd mode was this:

- We play in first person, we need to fix everything like Admin Room/Nightclub, resolving technical difficult that the girls made, but this time we go there and we need to fix everything before some of the girls reach us, you know, a "slender style" of gameplay but instead of searching for letters, we just need to fix some things, it will be nice if instead of all the girls running to catch us, some of they just stop in front of us and start to do the animations from Nightclub/Admin Room, so we don't run and stop to looking at them, it's a great strategy seducing us so another girl can catch us.

Anyway, sorry for the big text but i really loved this game and hope you consider my feedback to change these things plus think about the 3rd mode on the game, seriously, this game has a lot of potential and i hope we can see all of this and more in the final release! 

Thank you so much! I want to leave a more detailed reply later but I really appreciate this feedback and look forward to showing you even more lewds in the future!

This is exactly what I was thinking for an update. I think a parts and service type gamemode could also be cool. Think Help Wanted but sexier. Like, this character lost her panties, put them back on, or this character needs help putting her bra on, stuff like that. And if you do it wrong you lose and it transitions into one of the sex scenes.

why does it keep reseting my setings

audio and gamma

Is 0.75 legacy 0.75?

(1 edit)

Pretty sure its just a patch fix for the old version 0.74.

The real 0.75 was supposed to have a new character used in the game, but the 0.74 was needing a fix because of bugs with some of the gameplay and the tapes being bugged when playing them.

If you read the development log about the Electra system test, it was due to that topic that the game got updated, and named 0.75 Legacy indicating that its to fix the problems they had for the 0.74 version.

For what i can see from the legacy build, is that there is nothing new to it other then some bugs and the tapes being fixed.

Its the last build released that will feature the old models of the girls. Every girl is now remodeled (besides Maddy, who is getting worked on as we speak) As such we will be doing a major facelift in 0.8

(2 edits) (+1)

I have a question on the difficulty of this game, does it constantly getting harder and stays there or does it vary depending on if you succeed or not? right now at night 11(yes ik its high) I can't win, the girls beeline mere seconds as the night starts and the 3 problems happen every few seconds that I'm always on red or purple. Do I have to reset my progress to win nights anymore?

(1 edit)

I am also on night 11 and I'm having high difficulty trying to juggle between the girls at both of my doors at the same time and repairing broken machines. I've also played the Nightclub a few times thinking it might change the difficulty of admin room but I don't think it did anything.

Update: I've managed to beat night 11 and 12, which is the last night seems like. I guess you just gotta be lucky with the timing of your doors being occupied. For anyone who doesn't know, right clicking will do the same as pressing the return button. Saves a lot of time. Now I gotta figure out how to unlock the rest of the tapes from the board.

It scaled infinitely in previous builds, currently it caps at around 11.  You might need to reset progress if its a bit too hard for you.

In the future 0.8+ builds a custom night feature is very likely.

(3 edits) (-2)

Monsterbox,I found a few videos about the improved Kass model on Subscribestar.


im sure they're well aware considering they posted it.

(1 edit)

The "INHEAT 0.75 Legacy Build" seems to be still the 0.74 version, even tho i just downloaded it and removed my old version.

Reason how i know this, is at the games shop i can see the build version is still 0.74

So im not sure what is really new in it.

Just bug fixes and its eaisier to get tape

Yeah due to the fact a lot of fans like the old models, we did a patch for 0.74. Any additional new girls will  be in 0.80 with the inclusion of a new boss character when that releases.


gotta say getting screwed out of a perfect nightclub run cause sammy pops a gen 1sec after the night ends is pretty stupid

how do i get wmfmedia to work?

Is there a way to download older versions? I want to try one which still had Cassidy.

I would usually allow those builds to exist if enough people wanted them, however that particular build had a potential of a softlock whenever Cassidy came on screen. She was taken out afterwards. 

(1 edit)

if i buy it for $9.99 do i get a steam key? for me it only makes sense if i also get an update and not just pay once for a version of the game. thanks if anyone has any experience

I can't verify it will happen since Monsterbox is not handling the publishing on steam. To answer the update question, you will get access to all future updates via your library, it is a one time purchase!

Deleted 5 days ago
Deleted 5 days ago
(1 edit)

The 0.75 update seems to be just bug fixes for the 0.74, because of it having issues with the tapes and other stuff that was needed a fix. No new content.


I hope that there will be new content on the next updates.


Has the 0.75 Legacy Build Update been ready?



(5 edits)

Oh,c'mon.I thought that you've been totally relaxed for a while,@newguy808!

Well,now I have to wait for Monsterbox's reply after reading the question I wrote.

Copied from the download page:

Download and install instructions from MonsterBox:

Join the discord at Discord.gg/monsterbox

0.75 changes * Changes videos to electra plugin for better streaming performance

* Changes clear night button behavior and location, to avoid the scripted night 0 prologue

* Fixes several video unlock criteria to actually be possible

* Moves nightclub onto its own (hidden) night counter, and ties AI levels to it

* Several small changes

Known Issues: Watermark hasn't been updated, Will get that adjusted with some more stuff very soon!

(1 edit)

Wow.Thanks for your answer,DarkfireNeko!

(1 edit) (+1)


I cleared my saves, installed the 0.75 Legacy Build and played a few nights.

The night counter on the main menu started at 1.

I got the phone tutorial, and the public build water mark at the top of the screen said 0.7.4.

Looking forward to the next update:)

I will get that water mark adjusted, Totally miffed that one!

Are the videos playing okay? We have a new electra system that has shown that it plays on most systems. Which should be a decent fix until the upgrade to unreal 5.


Good work! 😎👌

(1 edit)

I know when I played with the Electra video system test, Electra didn't give me a failed to load frame between loops, but I have issues with the videos now.  Maybe not with loop playback specifically...?

I've noticed the following on both simple videos and complex video sequences.

Some videos seem more prone to error than others.

If the video advances to the repeat loop, it seems that it will repeat as expected.


Every time, the video will show a black frame after the first loop, transitioning to the repeat loop with the advance button.

The repeat loop seems to work fine.

Then it will show a black frame when you press the advance button to advance to the final loop.


Sometimes it will go to black after the first loop finishes, leaving the prompt to advance.

Advance leaves the screen black until you exit to the menu.

(Misty's Revenge did this every time for me.)


Sometimes the video will play the first loop and exit to the menu.


Sometimes the first loop will cut short and exit to the menu.


Sometimes the video will exit to the menu during the repeat loop without prompt.


Sometimes the first loop will cut short with a black frame, advancing to the repeat loop.


Also, it would seem Sammy's Promo Video is linked to Sammy's Pelvis Crush.


A few system specs:

OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045

System Type x64-based PC

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz   3.70 GHz

Installed RAM 16.0 GB

GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti


Thank you so much for this info. Hopefully with the sweeping changes we will be able to fix all these issues

(2 edits) (+1)(-3)

@Alolivulpix,what consists on update 0.75 and what features have got added on it?



(1 edit) (-3)

@newguy808,stop relaxing anybody right now!

Everyone except me are very patient to wait their comments.

I'm waiting for @Alolivulpix's reply.

So you must relax yourself,ok?

I have no idea dude. Lol.


So we don't know about that. :D


Which monster girl model design is the best,then or now?

(1 edit) (-2)

Hey Monsterbox,are you working on new mechanics which will be added to the game on the update?

About 22 hours ago, they posted the 0.75 update on their subscribestar. It's still being worked on.

(1 edit) (-2)

Wow,I think the v0.75 update is full of lots of new things!


Nothing seems to work for the current version of the game released. The cutscenes either don't load or load a black screen with looping sounds. The tapes also just give you a black screen and nothing to see. Sometimes the shop itself fails to load, I'm not entirely sure what's going in.
I'm not sure if the download is bad or what, after reinstalling to see if maybe I lost some files in the download it still doesn't work as intended. 
Disappointing is what this is, hoping the next update fixes some issues.

If we get the game on here, patreon, or subscribestar, will we get a key when it releases on steam?

Last I heard, you will NOT get a steam key if you purchase here.

good looking out brother, thanks for the reply.

when is the next update?


somewhere between the next 5 minutes to 10,000 years.

(3 edits) (+1)(-1)


The next update releases on february or march,maybe.

The development of the update is being finished by Monsterbox when it has just finished and ready for its release.

We will have to wait for that,ok?


and that is well within my parameters. relax.


(1 edit) (+2)


(1 edit) (-1)

I hope that there are new modes such as Campaign or Sandbox as @TheMageLonely told. 👍🏻

(3 edits) (-1)

Monsterbox,let's talk about Saya,the monster girl based on a monster.

How is she,what clothes and accesories does she wear,how is her skin,look,hair,eyes and makeup and what does she have on her body (horns,wings,tail...)?


You guys must hate surprises.

She is based on a snow angel 

(1 edit) (-1)

Ok sir,I know who is she.

I have to stop surprising to anybody for a while.

Now I'll decide to talk about the mechanics of the game and another features,ok?


From what I saw in the demo, yall should try and improve the animations. Also, add new mechanics, like a mask being essential to trick some of the ladies to leave you alone. A vent system would be a cool addition too. Try making a story for this game too. Maybe add a Campaign mode (campaign so the story is explained and new animatronics are introduced as you go through the nights) and a Sandbox mode (sandbox so people can "play" with the ladies and maybe use tapes that you get from the campaign or from the sandbox mode itself). Sorry for the long ass comment, I'm just trying to help :D


Any plans on an android version?





My discord got hacked and as far as I know I've been banned from the monsterbox discord server because of it. I think I've since secured my account, is there a way I can get back?

(1 edit) (-4)

The security guard needs a repaint or a remodel, something else.

I've seen him when the model wasn't in perfect conditions.

Will you do this,Monsterbox?



Deleted 16 days ago

yup, already on the drawing board.


(1 edit) (-2)

Monsterbox,has Misty's improved model got eyes and how is it's proccess?

I hope she has improved sucessfully!

(3 edits) (-2)

Hey guys,Misty has just remodeled and improved sucessfully!

Now,Kass (Cassidy) will be the next,so everybody stay tuned!

(1 edit) (-2)

Monsterbox,what's about Skullzlatte?

Everyone thought that she's based on a squirrel or on another animal or creature and she's very dangerous,but she must have cat-styled burgundy eyes.

What do you think?

Skullz is a concept artist on the team

That would be like adding smug's goat to the roster. Not sure if that is effective storytelling XD

Of course,that's true.

(1 edit) (-2)

There will be new monster girls on 0.8 update?

I hope that their designs are like the same improved monster girls,created currently.

Okay maybe it's just me, but I'm having issues with the "breaking the orange lights" Can someone explain it to me like I'm 5, because I feel like I break them all but never get it

Unfortunately that achievement is broken. The new system we are integrating will be better.

Well, I'm glad I asked before I spent another hour trying to get it lol, to support the game do I just go through the subscribe star, or is there another link to directly support the game? 

Subscribestar is the best way to support outside of ITCH.io

Also if you check out the discord, you might be able to find our secret merch site.

MonsterBox, Will you ever post a version off the game with everything completed like where every item is unlocked along with every scene and such?

Might be a easy switch included in 0.8+ for debugging.

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