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You thought it was a miracle that you landed a job at ██████. Boarding, food, and all the ██████ you could ever ███. It was just too good to be true!

Unfortunately for you, It was.

Every night you will need to protect yourself from a dozen █████████.
Maybe if you survive, you might just get that ██████.

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Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(794 total ratings)
Tags3D, Adult, Creepy, Erotic, First-Person, Furry, Hentai, Horror, Minimalist, NSFW


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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In-Heat Classic Model Pack (blender files for animation) 48 MB
INHEAT-FIRST NIGHTS-V2.zip (Old Unreal build) 1,021 MB

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(NEW!) IN HEAT Demo (Linux) 657 MB
(NEW!) IN HEAT Demo (Windows) 546 MB
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i saw boobs. 10/10

the game crashes everytime I open the camera anyway to fix this

heyo quick q, is there any nsfw in the demo

No, but the paid build will be out soon!

aight, I bought the main game so what I've seen so far plus the demo, I expect big things. already looks pretty good

cant wait for the nsfw version!Btw what does the microwave oven do🤔

its coming very soon, expect it in two parts. One will feature an admin room with the lewd features enabled, after that will be a more adult experience with our new level!


also,its my first time trying this type of game,have you guys considered about the tutortial yet?i have no idea what to do except watch the camera and keep the door shut😭


Hey Dev, quick question: will the Steam version be priced same as Itchio? Nice demo btw, I have LN on my wishlist

They should be the same price!

if you buy this version would you get the steam version free when it comes out?

Why the game is not on the android mobile

I'm waiting for the release in steam. I can't buy here

Understood, The steam release will be tied to the new level release which should be out by 2024 q1


I bought the game but all i see is the model pack how do i actually play the game


The unity demo is available on the main page (most likely this one) We will be releasing a nsfw unity build on here probably within the next week.

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what is the currant version at now? as the demo and paid look different. I just tried the demo and thought it look good then I got the paid and they look different?  

same, really confused by this. my guess is they are working on making the game in a new system and will update accordingly

Yes, Currently we are hashing out the unity paid build as we speak. Big things coming soon


how come I my game just says play credits it doesn't have any of the other things and I even paid for it. 

What build is causing this issue?

the old unreal build 1021 mb

it is like the fnaf 1 intro it only comes up with 4 options that's all I get

I have really enjoyed the demo, it has been really fun and you can tell the care put into it, the designs are beautiful. I hope to be able to pay soon to support this lovely project x)

Thank you so much for your support!


I may of missed it, has there been a post on when the NSFW demo for buyers Releases? 

Later this month!

Copy! Thank You so much for the reply!

How do you stop the door from being pulled open

Is there any chance that this will be out on mobile platform because when i played this game there is like green transparent ractangle around it so i assuming that this will out for mobile too right?



I haven't been actively working on a mobile edition of the game!


Any chance an Android version is in the works?


I am not sure that is possible with android's hardware.


while it is a minority, there are androids that can run games like genshin impact at max settings with a smooth 60fps, but again, minority, so not exactly a much larger audience youd reach if you dropped an apk


Dont really want my phone or device to explode when i start the app.

Legit my phone has better CPU & GPU than my computer. Granted my computer is old af 😅



i look forward to the NSFW version of sammy's taunt, along with any sexy hypnosis shenanigans that nile gets up to. fingers crossed for titnosis

I cant seem to figure out the power panel anymore. I'm on night 5 so far, and on each night if the panel needs to be fixed it seems just random that it works. I see that a button is highlighted in red if i have the Button Hint turned one, but half the time i click the buttons and it just beeps at me.


The color pattern solution is randomized, but stays the same for the rest of the night, the solution itself is in front of you in the office, with the colors of the papers from left to right being the solution, hope this helps ^^


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but will people who purchased the game on Itch.io receive a game key for the game on Steam when it releases?


Due to our publisher I don't think its possible

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My game keeps crashing on night 2 on the old build. Itll freeze after I open my cameras and hit me with an error message. I also wont be able to close the game at all.

Yup, unfortunately that is a big reason for the switch to Unity. Please give us some time and we will have much more than the old builds could offer!

Okay, all good! The demo kicks ass so I'm really looking forward to the full release, Thanks for the reply!

I downloaded the demo and it took me several tries just to figure out what I was actually supposed to be doing

Understood, We are working on a tutorial as we speak which will launch with the next release.

Played the demo and thought I would buy it but when I go to open it I get "The code execution cannot proceed because tbb.dll was not found" I have no clue what this means I tried reinstalling it but it still says the same thing


Sounds like you might need to update your drivers. Please join the discord so we can assist!


what was the upadate 17 hrs ago? theres no devlog or announcements

Hotfix that wasn't really a thing. We have a build server so little changes are adjusted on the fly.


I order the game for cheer u work :D

I really love u work, just a querstion we can download 2 files :

In-Heat Classic Model Pack (blender files for animation)48 MB (just Blender animation)  

INHEAT-FIRST NIGHTS-V2.zip (Old Unreal build)1,021 MB (i guess the game)

We need do somthing with the blender animation file ? (like put that in specific file) or not and its unsless for pepole dont use blender.

SO basically if you want to make fan animations, you can download those files. 


Stoked to see the differences between the last demo build and this, especially the environments' overhaul, NSFW toggle is welcome too, though I'm assuming it's only on the OSX build since I haven't seen it on the current windows release. The difficulty definitely is turned up from the previous build from around Night 3, which is welcome though I can see why it can be the cause of frustration for some commenters. 

Some of the mechanics are part-explained in the posters, some of it you just work out while you play. I'll add to this comment as I figure things out for the current built as of Nov 16th.


As far as I'm aware, there's three things you'll need to repair, and the coloured light in your office will shift from green to purple as each object is damaged.

  1. The janitor-bot
    1. The janitor robot that's roaming around the main hall and the jackal's room (forgot her name) will fall over in either of the two rooms.
    2. Click on it to reorient itself correctly.
  2. The breaker box
    1. Located in the tiger ringleader's room. I don't quite fully understand how the breaker box works, this one's mostly a guess. When the switch is flipped down, you'll know it needs to be repaired.
    2. To repair it, you'll need to click the red, yellow, and green buttons in a specific order. I think it might be in the order of which buttons are highlighted, and on higher difficulties you'll need to repeat multiple patters before it's fixed. 
  3. The gas pipes
    1. Located n the room connected to the corridor on the right of your office. Gas leaks will be visible, as pink gas is gushing out of the pipes.
    2. The easiest way to do it is to guesstimate how long you need to hold the q or e key until your icon is in the green region. Takes a couple tries until you get a feel for the speed of the icon.


I'm not quite sure if the search mechanic is implemented right now. Haven't needed to use it so far.


Not an in-depth discussion on their movement patterns, just generalised descriptions of what each enemy does.

  1. Sammy (ringleader tiger)
    1. WIP
    2. Obstruction
      1. If you spend too long monitoring the rooms on the camera, when you switch back to the office, Sammy will block your view, as shown in the promo screenshots. No way to get rid of her other than to wait it out.
      2. This alone won't kill you, but as you cannot interact with anything during this short 10 second period, you're vulnerable to other deaths.
    3. Plush thief
      1. Sammy could steal the plush and hide it in random rooms in previous builds of the demo, though for the most recent build that appears to be turned off for now.
  2. Ari (Sniper wolf)
    1. Active from Night 4
    2. (WIP) In previous demos, you had to keep track of her via the cameras lest you trigger her attack. I'm assuming it's the same here, though that could be confirmation bias.
    3. "Mental health superstar!" - She'll also be triggered if your sanity drops to 0.
  3. Poppi (Terrorist rabbit)
    1. WIP
    2. Plush bomb
      1. "Wanted for terrorism!" - Active from Night 2, a Poppi plush with a bomb will drop from the vent. I'd say you've got a 5-second window to switch back to your office, look up, and then click + hold it.
      2. This will be rather difficult if Sammy is blocking you. You'll likely die if this is the case.
  4. Yugioh jackal
    1. I'm guessing how her mechanics work as it's rather different from how the previous demo builds were.
    2. "Keep your eyes on me!" - Once you've spotted her on the camera, a heart icon will start filling up. If you change cameras before it's filled up and the small jingle plays, you can consider that camera gone. The signal will be lost for the rest of the night, which can be particularly painful if it's in a repair area.
  5. The Bish (DJ shark)
    1. Located in the closed-off room connected to your office's left corridor.
    2. "Squeeze responsibly!" If you use the plushie too frequently to increase sanity, you'll trigger her attack, telegraphed by a screech (if you have enough sanity to hear it!). 
    3. If you're quick enough, you can open up your camera and press the button to close her door before she reaches your office. Otherwise, drop what you're doing and check your office's left door to trigger the QTE and rapidly press the button to shut the door.
    4. After her attack, the door to her room will still remain open. It's best to shut it.

Pretty good guide.  I can't find a wiki, so hopefully you don't mind if I add few things:  
A.  The pattern for the breaker box can be found in the security room.
B.  Sammy the Tiger, when she gets in your face, will only leave once she gets a headache.  You can speed this up by looking around wildly.
C.  Ari the Wolf doesn't seem to actually attack the player.  The only thing she'll do is, occasionally, force open the right-hand door and begin an animation.  At the end of this animation, if player sanity is less than half, she'll kill you with the least deadly weapon in her arsenal.
D.  The giant fox will pry open a door.  Unlike Ari, she won't keep monsters at that door from killing the player.  She can be distracted with the microwave, once.  After that, uh, how current is your life insurance?

so is there no NSFW content in the game as of right now?

I have seen the H-CONTENT option in the settings and enabled it,  but every time I leave the settings menu and come back it swaps back to the off toggle.

For reference, I'm a Mac user.

(1 edit)

There is no NSFW planned for the demo. For more information please check out this post! https://monsterboxgames.itch.io/in-heat/devlog/634161/clarification-about-demo

very fun but can you add a bit more clear instructions on what exactly how the mechanics work. I couldn’t figure out how the sanity meter works and it seems like I can just keep the doors with no penalty. I also couldn’t find a few of the things I needed to maintain in the cameras. Also I’m not sure what sure what the purpose of the microwave is and I couldn’t figure out how a lot of the girls worked. Maybe you could add a page in the menu that shows each of the girls that gives brief descriptions of what they do and how to stop them like how it works in fnaf ultimate ultimate custom night. I still had a lot of fun with the few nights I played but I just felt really lost for the most part. I understand part of the appeal of fnaf is figuring stuff out yourself and having everything explained to you takes away some of the fun but I still think giving a little more info or maybe an optional guide you can check in the menu that shows where the important things are in the cameras and explains the girls mechanics.

Understood, we plan on making a comprehensive tutorial for each map featured in the game.

im confused on which file to download, i have paid ofc but there only the "In heat first night", "in heat demo" and "classic models for blender" what is the newest build of the game??

Check the main page for the demo, currently that is the newest build until the paid version gets released next month!

what happened to the old version? with the whole menu and the nightclu


idk if its possible but if yes, would it be possible to include paysafe as payment method (I dont realy trust websites)


You would need to ask itch.io support for that one, I don't control the payment methods :C


We're enjoying the demo. Really nice game! We also appreciate that a linux build is available too! We hope that a linux build remains a part of future releases. Keep up the great work!

Mac and Linux are planned to be supported until the very end <3 Sorry it took so long!

Wonderful! We're happy to be supporting this game's development!

(1 edit)

I have a problem with the paid version where the game crashes but doesn't close, I can't do anything on the game anymore but It just won't close. and everytime I start It up I get a graphics drive error

edit: I think I found the problem, the game thinks I'm playing on Mac despite me being on Windows

This is odd. But it is the quirky unreal 5 build. Hold on tight and we will get the unity build ready for NSFW very soon!

Thank you so much, It keeps trying to make me Install a graphics drive for Intel computers and keeps opening up a website

might want to update your drivers, they might be old!

does anyone know how to stop the cameras from breaking or something?

Its a issue with Nile's attention seeking gameplay niche triggering while in minigame, working on a fix as we speak.

I'm hoping the new $10 build of the game will be available this winter or sometime in the spring because I don't want to play the demo and the paid version is short and only lasts 5 nights so I finished it in one sitting. And it will be great if the new build includes my favorite store and cassette search, because version 2 is very different from previous versions. As for the current paid version, it's just sad that it's so short and crude, although I didn't mind paying $10, I thought it would be the one I remembered, and I liked the new character models and watched this video where you showed the problems of the old Semmy model. And one question, why does grass start growing everywhere after the first night? Is this quite strange for rooms where there is no sunlight or is it because of the generator? But I am happy with the purchase, as I was waiting for the money to arrive for the purchase.

P.S. I hope it was not in vain that I bought her on itch.io, otherwise it will be a big mistake in my life, although it will not be too expensive, it will only be unpleasant for me, this will not happen to you. In any case, you need money for further development.

We are working to make that happen, Currently it is on the agenda to finish Bloodmoon Ari and release a tutorial before getting the paid version set for release.
Thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated! 

great game can’t wait for the full release what’s your guys discord?

discord.gg/monsterbox !! Thank you <3

Deleted 27 days ago

Basically switch out the deathtaunts for lewd jumpscares. Adjusting the outfits. Giving Bloodmoon Ari a futanari cock, ect. 

And I have bought the game off itch, for updates do i just redownload or how does that work?

Updates for the main build will be located in your itch.io library! Sometimes itch is a bit confusing and tries to get multi payments, but you just need to go to your library!

Awesome game 😊

No you are awesome!


😊thanks bro 👍 


I find the demo incredible for my part. Making the game harder is a good idea, I find it harder than the previous version and I like this little bit of challenge to finish the levels. Looking forward to the next updates! Hate for Maddie to attac

Thank you so much! I appreciate the challenge too, but not all players are the same! Hopefully we can find a balance for every fan!

(2 edits) (+4)(-2)

So for whatever reason people coming here to get an NSFW game are given an SFW game as a test

No mechanics are explained. How are you supposed to do the power section?

The cameras get taken down as soon as I look at them, with absolutely no feedback as of how to fix them

The bunny only t-poses everywhere

EVERY SINGLE TIME I come out of the cameras the cat is in front of me and I get to shake her off while two other girls are on my fucking doors

The cameras are super clunky, the "Start" button for the main menu is clicking on the level text, which has no indicator, it doesn't highlight

You may have built it back up in order to make the overall end-product better, but what was the point in releasing a demo? You removed all the NSFW content for everyone who is coming to a FUCKING PORN GAME to look at, made all of the mechanics worse (yeah, you gotta work out the bugs, that's fine, but don't release a broken demo), and then explained nothing

Overall just kinda disappointed? Was seeing good progress, then you wanted to port it over, even though a solid-looking main menu was lost in the process, and then actively fucked your supporters.


Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry you feel that way. We will be working on a major tutorial that will explain most gameplay functions in the very near future. We will work to also make the controls more smooth as well. The builds releasing in the next month will have NSFW content, even better than the previous games since we will have greater control over the animation systems (for example, look at how Sammy's mechanic worked). Poppi does have a T Pose as a general position, if you watch closely she stumbles a bit. I appreciate your patience and will work to fix some of these issues. Thank you. 


video of the game

Thank you! I loved the video!


Fun fact for people having trouble: since Ari doesn't show up until Night 4, nothing really prevents you from just keeping the security doors shut the whole time for Nights 1-3. They don't automatically open at zero sanity like in the previous builds.

Sure you won't be able to hear anything except your own breathing, but if you just fix stuff on the camera as they break and check the office occasionally for the bomb doll, there's no real risk of a game over.

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