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For those who want the classic MGH. Here it is for free. 

A lot of the goods from this is being adapted to HEARTSTRUCK

There will be no more updates to this project. As Heartstuck is basically the upgraded form of this game. 

Volume Warning since RPGMaker has bad sound control!

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Dont buy the nft its literally right here, you can right click and save it.

Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Role Playing
TagsEroge, Hentai, RPG Maker, Singleplayer


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i can't progress past the witches hut. when i talk with the slime girl she just walks away and seems to break the game as i can't move, go to menu, save or load, nor quit unless i force close it. If i don't talk to her there doesn't seem to be anyway to progress. I entered the chicken room, and explored every inch of the witches hut, i also went to every door i could find but i couldn't get anywhere new. 

is this the end of the game or is there a way to fix this on my end?

Way too short for what I paid for


it too many bugs. i was not able to move in first and then second in middle of story. it went black screen i have to wait for few min nothing happen so i did alt+f4


Will there be a android version of this?


There is a way you can play on android already!


How to?

Use joiplay or maldives

so i bought a bundle that included this game, is it just a demo?


Its the full experience, just a rather short title.


Does the game end after having left the haunted house?

Or am I playing a demo of the game? If that is the case, is there a more complete version of it? 


I would love to see more of the slime girl


ummmm i dont know what to do in eirs house

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Quick question, I got this with In Heat (though this is apparently free anyways) and I'm about to try it; should I be downloading 'MonsterGirlHunter Public.zip' or 'MGHBuild6.zip'?  Which one is the most complete absolute final build?

Edit: nevermind it's like 5 minutes long regardless lol.

Is this animated?


after talking to the blue slime in the town, she freezes at the last square before walking off, softlocking the game. Unable to move, but music still plays. 

Thank you for reporting. ill get this adjusted with the new build

still not fixed

this doesn't feels right

Got this adjusted, thanks!

Running into an issue after being led away upon leaving the Witch's house, where I'm walking into the wrong room with some tentacles in it, and a character I've never seen following me. I can replicate it by reloading my prior save, checking now to see if it persists through multiple saves

Very very interesting.

We will have to get this patched this Friday.

Repeats even on a new save. Is there just nothing beyond that point then?

What happened is that was planned to be a continuation of content, that should have been scrapped. 
Very interesting that it popped up again. A variable must have been kept unchecked. I wonder what else was left in.

So this is the final version or the classic?

If it's the classic, where can I find the final version?


Basically, this.

The heartstuck page has the text and the background as the same color, so you can't see anything unless you ctrl+a to highlight it. Is that intentional? 

Also it doesn't seem to have a download link either, just a big gif of a pixel heart.


Oh gosh, I deleted the wrong comment lol.

Yes, the game is being developed as we speak. I am just being a bit spooky with the page right now. You know how wacky those earthbound inspired RPG's can get!

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This problem is STILL here. If I hadn't seen this post I would have just assumed that the page had nothing on it.

Note, it seems to also effect the subpages as well.


For Heartstruck? The page has nothing downloadable on it as of right now. 
That is set to change however soon. 

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Deleted 1 year ago

AHH I see. You are talking about the room on the bottom!
First person to ever ask about that actually. 

There is nothing there. I was planning on throwing some lore there, but due to artist issues and other stuff I couldn't push more content for this build. 

Oh yes, because of you I made it possible to get into that room. Hopefully you enjoy!

the download isnt there

IT should be up and running? or are you talking about heartstruck?
Heartstrucks demo release is soon. 


idk what u did but its there now thanks

No problem!!