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The game is tagged as Mac, but the game is only available on Windows and Android. Any chance that can be ironed out?

Is it animated

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Hi! I'm interested in your games (especially the first "Late Night Delivery"), but i would like to buy them on Steam: there are possibilities to see them on that platform?


We work very closely with multiple publishers, so it is a possibility. Just never was apart of my agenda.


Thanks for the answer. If i'll see Late Night Delivery on Steam, i'll surely buy it! :)

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The Android how to open the game? Is that just a art not game? 

You now have an android build you can download and play!

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Will you make a sequel or expand on the character?

Yes, at the moment we are working on that very thing.

I downloaded the game through for windows and I'm just being sent to the files to the art pack, how do I fix this?

On Mac, how do you download this game instead of just the art pack

try wine, bootcamp or the likes... technically you can download the windows ver aka not the art pack, just wouldnt be able to run it. obviously you also need to pay to download.

In the version released a few months ago, there is a bug where Moira's name remains displayed above the text box in a few cases where the player is speaking…

I only noticed it after the give-in path's CG scenes; twice I noticed, bedroom and… foyer? Foei? Foyay? The room by the front door…
I think…

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What system are you running this on? 

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Very weird error, I am glad it is fixed though!


is this game ever gonna be for Android 

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With the coming updates there will be some changes with different tiers for pricing.  Also unfortunately I couldn't just offer the art pack for free on this game, So I was forced to switch it around. 


Is there or will there be an Android port of the game? I love the art style but don't have a PC and would love to be able to play it

It is possible in the future. Depends on Success with the game. 

i got this game in a giveaway but i only got the art packs.

Double check the emails, there should be a newer one with the correct code

I got the game through a giveaway from Gleam, and I can't find a way to download the actual game, only the art packs. Who or where do I contact to find it? 


I am looking into this

Just got an email and I can download it now, Thank you!

Awesome, Good to hear!




Nice name :^)


I got this part of the bundle and really liked it. Any chance of a gallery option at some point? I liked the art a lot!


Thank you so much for playing, we will look into including a gallery into the next update!